New Patients

Dear Patient,

We are an Oncology Medical Home (OMH) whose focus is on gynecologic cancers and complex gynecologic issues. Due to the complexity of your diagnosis, your primary care physician has referred you to us. As an OMH we keep our patients informed and involved in their care. No matter your diagnosis, we will not alter our commitment to you nor to our mission of providing quality care at the lowest cost from friendly and compassionate staff. More information about an Oncology Medical Home can be found on our website.

Prior to your first appointment, a nurse navigator will call to provide you with their name and direct phone number. In the coming days and months to follow, should you be uncertain which staff member should assist you with your question or need, your nurse navigator can always be reached to help facilitate this for you.

Included in this packet is your new patient paperwork. Please complete all documents prior to your appointment and arrive with these documents, your driver’s license, and insurance card, no less than thirty (30) minutes prior to your appointment time. This additional time will provide the front desk the opportunity to transfer this important information into your electronic chart. Educational information, appointment information, and many of your healthcare records can be accessed through our online patient portal at If you did not access your new patient paperwork through this valuable patient portal, please call and provide your nurse navigator with an email address.